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Model T Cars that were in the Ben Affleck Movie "live by Night" now on display at Shorthorns 

Welcome to Shorthorns, First Model T Showroom in WV 

 2nd Home to Henry Ford 

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TERRA ALTA — The Model Ts are back at the first Ford dealership in West Virginia.

Shorthorns restaurant owners Mark and Sheri Ball are displaying four Model Ts in the concert hall. The building on W.Va. 7 (locally called State Avenue) was where E.S. “Jim” Evans and his family sold automobiles from 1912 until 1963.

“He was the oldest Ford dealer under the Pittsburgh branch of the Ford Motor Co.,” said Jim Teets, one of Evans’ grandchildren. “He knew Henry Ford personally.”

The antique cars made their debut April 13 when the Preston County Chamber of Commerce held a Business After Hours get-together at Shorthorns. A record turnout of Chamber members and the general public ate, mingled, listened to Baltimore trio Trailer Grass Orchestra and visited with people who used to work in Evans’ businesses in the building. Resident Nancy Hoffman gave a talk about the property’s history.

Mark Ball said they bought the cars, one of each model year from 1923-1926, from an estate auction in Grafton. The cars took a detour on the way to Terra Alta.

“They were used in the filming of the movie ‘Live By Night’ starring Ben Affleck,” Sheri Ball said. Affleck also wrote and directed the Warner Brothers movie.

The film, based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, debuted in theaters in December 2016, according to Variety magazine. Co-starring Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana, and Chris Cooper, it is about a Prohibition-era bootlegger who fights the Ku Klux Klan and rival gangs.

Mark Ball said the cars will stay in the restaurant as the owners convert the dance hall into a more formal dining room to focus more on food.

“We’re going to call it the Henry Ford Model T Room,” he said. “We’re going to install a wood-fired grill and add steaks and seafood to the menu.”

When Shorthorns Restaurant and Saloon opened in mid-March 2015, it created jobs and rescued a rundown historic building. The décor is mostly country and western with poplar paneling; barrel sinks in the restrooms; cowboy, horse and bull statues; and some cowhide-covered chairs. Shorthorns is named for the breed of cattle the Balls’ daughter, Ashley, showed at fairs and festivals while growing up.

From the Preston County  News & Journal - Cynthia McCloud