Little Shorthorns

 Special Thank You to our music industry for thier instruction, advice and mentoring.

ShorthornsRestaurant & Saloon

Music is all about passion and fun!


Shorthorns is sponsoring a pre-teen/teen band.  Playing music is a team sport, and playing in a group is the single best way to learn and improve your playing!

All young people have the potential to succeed in life and contribute to society.  However, not all children get the support they need to thrive.  Shorthorns Saloon, through professional musicians, managers, and producers will introduce the youth to music education, performance, business, artist, and all elements of the music industry, thereby enriching their lives and improving life skills while providing a positive way for them to spend their free time.

What Shorthorns has offered:
A place for the band to practice and play, opportunities to open for National and Local bands at Shorthorns,  management to get local gigs/shows,  instruction, advice and mentoring with some of the biggest well known National and local band members that have played for or are going to play at Shorthorns,  coaching from National and Local musicians & singers, T-shirt design/sales and financial support on musical instruments/equipment.  (mentors/teachers with instruction to succeed) - our program is a foundation for children to learn.



December 16th (Friday)Shorthorns 7:00 PM 
December 19th (Monday)Shorthorns 6:30 PM (Private Party)
December 31st (Saturday)Shorthorns New Years Eve Party